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Are you in need of IT & Tech competence? Perfect! The IT & Tech Professionals report 2019 provides you with the latest insights on how to attract IT-specialists to your organization.

This study is based upon the thoughts and opinions of 1,422 specialists within IT and tech. It shows us what the group finds important when it comes to job-seeking, being in a recruitment process and when being employed.

Some key insights are that:

  • The preferred channel for job-seeking among IT-specialists is LinkedIn. 
  • The most common reason for an IT-specialist to withdraw from a recruitment process is the lack of feedback.
  • The main ground for IT-specialists to quit their jobs could be traced back to bad leadership or bosses within the organization.  

Do you want access to all the insights? Download the report here and read our experts’ best tips and recommendations on how to improve your recruitment and employer branding strategy within IT & Tech.

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